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2024-2025 PIHL Regular Season PIHL Team  Fundraising Opportunities

TenbandTV is once again planning broadcast coverage for the PIHL 2024-2025 High School Hockey Regular Season and Playoffs Held from October 2024 through March 2025.

TenbandTV Offers unique fundraising opportunities for teams and their sponsors


Organization Fundraiser

TenbandTV offers PIHL teams and Organizations a unique way to raise funds for their organizations and toprovide value to their team sponsors through discounted advertising packages for their sponsors in PIHL Broadcasts.

Teams Receive :

– Discounted ad rates on TenbandTV to pass on to multiple team sponsors.

– Full and Partial season packages are available to the team (5-10-20 games) 

– Team Page on TenbandTV featuring Games, Highlights, Team events, Announcemnts and Sponsor ads.

– Senior Night Broadcast and keepsake video

– Game file downloads 

Sponsors Recieve

– Game Features : Scoreboard Sponsor Logo Placement in sponsored team games 

– 30 Second video ad spots for team sponsors between games and breaks in action  

– QR Code ads placed in game during Replays and breaks in action.

– Customer Analytics account on TenbandTV Advertise! to track ad placements and click through analytics. 

(See ad Placement Examples)

How it Works

– Teams and organizations identify and stack sponsors for their team in return for a number of game broadcasts and discounted advertisement for their sponsors on TenbandTV. 

– Teams/Organizations set their own pricing arrangements with their sponsors.

-Teams/Organizations receive discounted ad time in 5-10-20 game packages from TenbandTV

– Teams/Organizations keep remaining funds toward fundraising goals.


 We are now taking requests for the 2024-2025 season, drop us a line to [email protected] to learn more and to reserve your teams space for the upcoming season !

All Game packages are Available to ALL PIHL Teams in all divisions and are subject to availability and scheduling – FIRST COME FIRST SERVED

Email [email protected] for info on any of the team sponsorship or fundraising offers



Senior Night Special !

– LIVE! broadcast and OnDemand! Replay of Senior night Ceremony and Game.

– Keepsake Team Video featuring Senior Players and Family.

– Ceremony Emcee and Photography Available (additional fee required).

Email [email protected] to reserve your sport for 2025 ! 

PIHL Senior Night

2024 PIHL Senior Night Videos