Watch on WEB

Don’t Have a Streaming Device or Smart TV yet ?

NO Problem !

TenbandTV! is available FREE on the Web by typing “Tenband.TV into your web browser to stream to your Computer, Mobile or Tablet device.

Once in, simply select “Watch LIVE!” for events streaming now… or choose “Channels” to select from all of the great LIVE! and OnDemand! Content channels provided on TenbandTV

Check the Channel guide available on each page to find which channel is playing your LIVE Event

You can even Search past events for your favorite event, game, or team using the Search bar at the top of every screen

Its that easy !

Watch on Roku

TenbandTV! app is now available FREE on All Roku TV Streaming devices and Smart TV’s.

Watch this easy to follow “How to” video to learn how to load the TenbandTV app on Roku and to catch all of the great LIVE! and On Demand! Ultra-HD content on your Roku Streaming Device right on your TV

Watch on AmazonFireTV

UPDATE REQUIRED. Version 2.0 of the TenbandTV APP is now Available. If you have previously loaded the TenbandTV App Prior to March 8 2024, we suggest updating by selecting the options button (3 lines next to home button on your AmazonFireTV Remote)

“Hey Alexa !….”

TenbandTV! App is now available FREE on All AmazonFireTV Streaming devices and Smart TV’s. 

Watch this easy to follow “How to video” to learn how to load the TenbandTV app and to catch all of the great LIVE! and On Demand! content on your Amazon Fire Streaming Device right on your TV.

“hey Alexa, add TenbandTV”



Shop! with us !

Shop! for great deals on items that you use every day ! 

Now you can shop directly from TenbandTV Web / Roku /AmazonFireTV 

Simply goto the web shop and select any of our handpicked items or search for items from any of our featured affiliate merchants. 


Snap a photo of any of the QR Codes available within any TenbandTV broadcast and be directed to all of the GREAT deals in the merchant shop right from your Mobile Device.

All purchases made through TenbandTV Shop! help us to fund all of our regional broadcast content and to support our partners and sponsors in Western PA as we look to provide visibility to our region !

Check back often as new merchants and special offers are added daily !

Advertise with us !

With an ever growing network of content providers, TenbandTV! receives thousands of regionally targeted consumer views daily for Sports, Music, Special Events and more !

We reach consumers where they are via mobile, web, social media and on their TV’s in homes throughout the region via a state of the art Internet OTT broadcast network.

We offer very cost-effective ad minutes and exposure to small and medium and even large business at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. 

Partner with us !

TenbandTV! is partnering with local and regional original content providers and  independent streamers to offer opportunities to expand their reach beyond the traditional streaming methods and to expand into the world of Internet TV and broadcast.

Are you a regional streaming content provider looking to expand beyond the constraints of Youtube and Facebook posts ? 

Are you looking for new ways to monetize your content and expand the visibility for current sponsors and advertisers ? 

Join the TenbandTV Network Channel Line-Up and expand into the new world of Internet OTT TV! 

We offer very easy to use fully automated solutions to broadcast your content via Web, Mobile, Roku, and AmazonFire! and we provide unique profit-sharing opportunities to leverage Dynamic Ad insertion, Analytics, and other next gen Monetization methods.

.…And its pretty cool to see your stream on the big screen at your favorite local restaurant and on Moms TV in Florida !