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CHE Channel

Coverage of the College Hockey East Division Playoffs and Championship – Watch Featured game in each timeslot above – WAT...

Music from the 412

Music from the 412 features Local and Regional original music artists from Western PA. Music Videos, Concerts and Original Programmin...

TBTV Concerts

LIVE! local and regional Music available 24x7 on TenbandTV Concerts

TribLIVE! HSSN on TenbandTV

TribLIVE High School Sports Network on TenbandTV - Currently featuring the 2023-24 PIHL High School Hockey Season OnDemand Replay...

TBTV Sports

TenbandTV Sports features the best in Regional Sports action streaming LIVE! and on replay 24x7x365 to your Living Room, Lobby or loc...

CHMA Network

CHMA Network on TenbandTV features select games from the College Hockey Mid America Conference from October through the playoffs and...

Pittsburgh Hockey Digest

BurghHockey Night LIVE! with host Brian Mitchell Features Live Game Broadcasts from in and around the Western PA Region

TBTV Sports2

Our Partner JRM Production takes over on the deuce in January and February with their broadcasts of the Thursday Night PIHL Double He...

Yinzerfest TV

TenbandTV welcomes Yinzerfest TV to the channel lineup. Get up to the minute details on the 2024 Yinzerfest Celebration of Pittsburgh...
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PIHL Channel

The PIHL Channel features LIVE! OnDemand! and AlwaysOn! game action, interviews, player info and more. See all the action LIVE! and A...

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Always On! PIHL 2024 PIHL Girls Regular Season Highlights


IC Hockey 3v3 Elite League – LIVE!

Week 1 – Monday July 1 – 6PM

Always On! 2024 PIHL Penguins Cup Playoff Replays


Always On! – PIHL 2023-24 Regular Season replays and Highlights 



Always ON! – BurghHockey LIVE! Featuring PIHL Coverage with Brian Mitchell from Pittsburgh Hockey Digest


Always ON! – Currently Featuring the 2023-24 PIHL Season


Always ON! – Featuring Highlights and full game replays and more from ACHA College Hockey Mid America on the CHMA Network ! 


2024 CHE College Hockey Playoffs and Championships

Streaming NOW! on Demand on the CHE Channel


Always ON! – Featuring the best of Original Music Artists and Original Music Programming from the Greater Pittsburgh and Western PA regions


Always ON! – LIVE! local and regional music available 24×7 on TenbandTV Concerts

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Featured Local and Regional Streaming Channels on TenbandTV available 24x7x365

Streaming Channels!