Sample Ad Placements

Pre-Roll Video Ads

All 10-30 Sec Spots roll on rotation in Pre-roll for all Live and Ondemand games. 

Click refresh to see a different Pre-Roll AD

In Game QR Code Banner and Video Ads

QR Code Ads are offered in Game to Gold and Silver level ad plans. 

QR Code Ads Are offered IN Game without interrupting the game action during Replays and Breaks in Action

QR Code ads are perfect for Coupons, Special Deals, and Affiliate Marketing ads and links

10-30 Second Video ads are placed before, during breaks in action and after Game Broadcasts. 

All In Game QR Banners and 30 Sec Video ads are placed in all platforms : Web/Mobile/Roku/AmazonFireTV/AppleTV 

All In Game ads remain Perptually in OnDemand Replays and Highlights

Watch Above Video for Examples of In Game QR Ad placements and 30 Sec Video add Placement

Web Banner Ads

Traditional banner ads are offered in a non obtrusive manner. 

No more annoying pop ads which deter viewers interest and detract from the content.

Watch Above Web Banner ads for examples banner Ad placements

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